Import playlists from Foobar2000, even as m3u not working

I’m trying Roon again. I’ve saved my 15 playlists from Foobar2000 as m3u.
The folder I’ve selected in Roon settings will just not pick them up. Why can’t I manually select them to import from Foobar2000 to Roon?
Roon is not picking them up in their folders.

I work in IT myself and work in a circle of many older and people uninformed of newer technology. I accept this is absolutly, not the user base of Roon. I just want Roon to work by EASILY importing my playlists from Foobar2000. It’s not much to ask.

I’ve been ripping my CD’s via EAC and dBpoweramp CD Ripper since Year 11, in 2001. I detest that many single CD’s and albums are not avaliable physically or via lossless. We can thank Apple for that!

I should be able to just import m3u playlists manually.

My existing playlists, will not import.


Please share a sample file. Does it use an absolute or relative file path?

“important” as in the topic title, or “import”? Probably the latter, can you fix the title so that people can understand what it’s about?

If m3u import is really not working, it seems to me that the solution would be to fix this, because according to the documentation I would understand that it should work - unless I am missing something


I’ve done this. crickets

Sorry meant import. Typo.

All my playlists are like this:

G:\OriginalMusic\02 - Celine Dion - Where Does My Heart Beat Now.flac

C:\Users\scott\Dropbox\08 - A Little Respect.flac

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Ok. I’m just saying that the course of action for Roon should IMHO be to fix m3u import so that it works as described, rather than creating a separate Foobar import to work around m3u import not working :slight_smile:

What are the Library paths in Roon?


15 playlists that won’t import, all linking to local FLAC files.

If Roon doesn’t have access to the resources in the file path, I think the import will fail.

What happens if Roon has access to G:\OriginalMusic?

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It just started working a couple of days after. Weird. Still deciding if the lifetime licence is worth is. I don’t want to keep paying to access my own music.

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