Import TIDAL albums from xls file

Is there any way to import TIDAL albums previously saved (with ROON) in an excel file?



I’m not quite sure which way round your question is, do you wish to:

  1. Use Roon to export a list of library Tidal albums to an excel file.
  2. Use Roon to add Tidal albums to you library that are listed in an excel file (previously exported by Roon)

If that later, then not that I’m aware of.

Do you have a Roon database backup, that dates back to that time when the Tidal albums where known to Roon?
If so you could:
Then try restoring the old backup, sync to Tidal (so Tidal updates it favorites).
Then restore you current back and sync it to Tidal.

Thank you Carl.

1 and 2 are correct. I’ve changed my TIDAL account and I’m trying to find a way to import the albums from the previous account (which I’ve saved as a xls).

Looks like it isn’t a way of doing that and in this case I wonder what’s the purpose of the exporting function?

Tidal will pull songs/albums because of licensing…it’s nice to have a list of ones albums. Plus it’s trivial to include the export function.

You could try and contact Tidal. They may be able to transfer your favourites from the old account to the new one.

Cheers, Greg


@Greg, many thanks! I’ll try that.

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Hi, did OP or anyone find a good solution to this? Importing or exporting a list of albums, tracks, etc, ideally with ability to handle tags, etc. listed in an Excel or csv file? Thanks!