Importing big archive

can´t imagine?!

at moment 450000…

That is a lot

Personally, I’d run Audio Analysis on demand on large libraries. And then, turn on bulk analysis using all cores, over night, setting it back to on demand when I was using the system.

That being said, with a library that size, you are in the neighborhood of needing a good “high speed per single core” i7 , and 16 GB of ram. That AMD is not the fastest CPU as it is comparable to an i3 (especially as Roon does not really utilize all cores except during analysis). And is, imho, underspec’d for your library size.

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I really would recommend that you split your albums into different folders, and import these 1 by 1.

E.g. I have 5 main music folders:
ModernAIFF (1644 albums) and ModernDSD (for ripped SACD’s) (258 albums)
Classic AIFF (576 albums) and Classic DSD (142 albums)
Childrenc (54 albums)

This way the burden on your Roon Core can better controlled.


Here’s advice on situations like yours from @brian, the CTO of RoonLabs.

TL;DR: listen to @Rugby’s advice, and consider a dedicated machine. An i7 NUC should cut it for the time being, but you might want to go MOCK if you’re going to keep on adding music. You should also be better off either with USB (in case of a NUC) or SATA (in case of a MOCK) rather than your NAS, ideally with a nightly backup of the data on your RoonServer drive to your NAS just in case.

Other option is get a much more powerful unit with windows or linux if you’re competent in linux. higher end Macs seem to be struggling with roon cpu running to high utilization at this time, but this should be getting addressed soon we all hope.

at first I have to find a way to reduce my collection by deleting the duplicates, there are a lot…;-(

I used SongKong for doing some of mine but its harder if they span different formats but I clobbered about 1.4TB in a few rounds

my NAS isn´t compatible, have to use roon…

I found it easy to distill by copying TO a new location. I got a brand new large TB drive and then created the perfected library on that, keeping the original data locations intact and untouched until I was sure that I had not missed anything.

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that´s my plan after deleting the dub´s…

…and it´s working, ca. 44000 albums in ca. 20 day´s…(machine is working 12 hr´s the day…)
gonna install an intel nuc10 with 32 GB ram, hope it will help…

Intel NUC/Kit NUC10i5FNH w/EU Cord

32GB (16GB x2) Speicher Kit (DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, Dual Rank x8, SODIMM, 260-Pin)

Samsung MZ-V7S500BW 970 EVO Plus 500 GB NVMe M.2 Interne SSD Schwarz

cleaning dub´s seems to be not so importent, only 1800 till now…
but I´m killing them all, have time, only 60 years old…(but partwise 5 to 6times on hd…:wink:


If you are going to run ROCK then the large SSD is a waste, you can’t use the rock boot drive as storage for music, only a second internal drive or external ones or NAS shared data

Hi @Matthias_Stuker,

Glad to hear that the import is going well! It sounds like other users provided some great advice here, but let us know if you run into any issues!

at first many THX for all tipp´s.
2days later, nearly 50.000 albums…
but what´s about my bootlegs, they aren´t tagged, from my sign impossible to, how to find them? have to rename them all manualy?

waiting for my new hardware, hope, the nuc will help to accelerate.
but what´s about the metadata, if using a new rock, have to read in all again?

atm, roon found 60.000 albums, 13.000 are duplicates…
at first I bought an ext. HD 14 TB and started copying. Cause it worked to slow, started a NUC 10 i7, but at first have to create a backup. in 24 hrs I got 30%…fixed…

Roon can only be as good as its metadata. If you’re going to manually fix your bootlegs, please consider doing it upstream through Musicbrainz so that your hard work is of use to others.

THX, never seen before (Audio Ranger), looks good, I´ll try it…