"Importing" custom metatags into Roon

Sorry if this has been answered before. I’ve googled and searched and not found a direct answer. I have custom metatags in my FLACs and ALACs - fields like “Mood” and “Shuffle Frequency” (i.e. hits vs deep cuts etc.). Further, these are multi-value fields - for example the Mood field may be “Morning Mellow” as well as “Happy Hour with Wife.”

I know that if I can focus to the files I can apply a tag and then use Roon similarly to how I use Foobar to filter through these. But how do I focus on these files to be able to apply that tag?

I should specify that the way the multivalue entries are delimited are with semi-colons - i.e. “Morning Mellow; Happy Hour with Wife”

There’s no way to filter through custom meta Tags?