Importing external playlist?

Is it possible to import (proper terminology?) a playlist into Qobuz on Roon from an external link like this:

I couldn’t even figure out how to do it in the Qobuz app so I’m totally lost trying to do it via Roon-Qobuz integration.

Thanks for any advice on this.

Open it in the app by clicking on the link then favourite it.

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I had to open Qobuz and change the link to “play.qobuz…” vs “open.qobuz…”, but then favoriting it worked and it came up in Roon-Qobuz playlists.

Thanks for your help. :+1:t2:

I didn’t fully know so I signed up for a test Qobuz account. Weirdly on my android phone I just clicked on the link.

Yeah, I’m on my iPad and the link wouldn’t work properly…probably a Safari-related thing. But at least I now know how to get there from here. Thanks again!

Do you have the Qobuz app on the iPad? (Just being nosey now :slight_smile:)

I do, but I Almost never use it. Before I started down the Roon journey, I was playing Qobuz through Sonos, so just never really used the iOS app. It’s a decent app, though. If I was going to use it on my phone for downloads or to listen via earbuds or headphones on my iPad, I think I’d be pretty happy with the app.

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It’s a good playlist. After reading the latest article on Audiostream, I added it to Qobuz (by favorite) and then synced in Roon. Get ready for some really great Bass :wink:

so I open the playlist I want inside Qobuz and instructions above say to mark it as a favourite. I see no way to do that. It seems like this task, which I suppose would be a common one, would be easier to figure out