Importing Files - Not all have extended Metadata - How long does importing take to complete

Hi I have loaded Roon core on a Windows 7 micro pc Zotac Nano with 4 gb ram and a 120gig ssd - linked to a WD Nas via CAT6 Eithernet. My musinc collection is around 20,000 tracks.

Everything went well withthe installation and Roon found my WD Nas and music. It then scanned the tracks took about 2 hours … and I can now select tracks and play them…seems ok when scrolling the tracks.

Question … Roon seems to give you extra information on the Artist and album… which is great…but only a few albums have this extra information … and i have this little rotary sort of scanning thing turning … in the upper left of the screen… is Roon scanning - how long will it take to fully populate my library? I know my pc is low power … I do intend to eventually update to an i7 NUC … would this update the detailed Meta data / information … that currently appears missing on the majority of my tracks…much faster…

Sorry for noob question …

it is actually doing the music analysis that can take quite some time. The initial library scan is shorter just to get the basic info into the database. The time will be extended based on the slowness of your processor and how many cores you have available to use too.

i would add to wizardofoz’s reply saying that you need an active internet connection for it to complete the scan; ie to populate the reviews and bios, etc. If your internet is slow or intermittent it can cause delay.

ps… I have had it sometimes that the scan stalls and restarting Roon can kickstart the process. You could try this if it seems to have stalled.

I have a Minix Neo, which is basically the same as a Zotac. They are good cheap machines, but not much horsepower. Surprised it works as well as it does for Roon core. Definitely below suggested minimum spec for core.