Importing FuzzMeasure filters into Roon?


I read the very detailed and helpful explanations by Magnus about REW and Roon. As I have FuzzMeasure available I wonder if it would be possible to produce filters with FuzzMeasure and use them in Roon for DRC?


I think so. Fuzzmeasure says it exports WAV impulse files up to 192kHz/32 bit. The Roon Convolution engine can import those.

Yes you can indeed. May I point to you that REW for mac is freeware and works just as good as fuzzmeasure. There are several examples of how to use REW for roomcorrection with Roon. Same should apply to Fuzzmeasure.

Dear Both,

thanks for the help. I have tried REW in the past and purchased Fuzzmeasure a few years ago. The latter appeared much easier than REW to me. But I assume that REW may have changed to the better in the meantime.

Is there any evidence as to which of the two is more reliable soundwise?

I’ll get going asap.

Well that still depends on your measuring skills. Both software packages can lead to good results but all depends on how reliable the actual measurement is, how much smoothing you will apply, and on your skill to recognize difraction artefacts (can’t correct those), breakup artefacts and room artefacts. Unfortunatly good room correction via convolution filters is not as easy as pointing a microphone at the speakers and let the software do the job. There is a lot to learn, but that is also part of the fun.

Yes, of course, it’s always also for the fun of it.

So, thinking through both approaches I see the first incomparability between REW and FuzzMeasure in FuzzMeasure’s use of a short sweep, while REW uses a steady pink noise. Therefore, with REW you can produce a sampled measurement using the “spiral-method”

How would I produce a sampled measurement with FM? Simply do e.g. nine measures on and around the sweet spot (like Dirac) and then average them for left, right and both loudspeakers to get sampled measures?

I couldn’t find any reference to this problem with googling.

I should add a warning here regarding FuzzMeasure. I played a bit with it and also asked questions to the contact person(s). In my impression FuzzMeasure, despite being commercial and not very cheap, seems to be at a dead end. The contact person answering my question appeared to be rather ignorant about the fundamentals of his/her software and DSP. This was a shock. At the end I would not recommend FuzzMeasure to anybody also because of its restricted features compared to REW.

Didn’t know you could make filters with fuzzmeasure? I have fuzzmeasure on my imac, I use it only for measure, don’t know how to make filters with it.

Measurement > Export Impulse Response (.wav)

But something’s wrong with those exports, at least with Roon they don’t work as filters.

Yes I know, but how you make filters with FuzzMeasure?

Sorry, I was probably wrongly informed from the beginning when I hoped being able to make filters. You are right.