Importing great collection


Roon Server Machine : NUC i10 32GB RAM, ext. HDD 16TB.

I have a problem with the fact that Roon doesn’t recognize about a quarter of my collection because they are bootlegs or something similar.

When I try to tag these things it takes forever and my server is very slow. It might make sense to move the unrecognized files (CDs) into a separate folder, outside of roon, in order to then tag the files with mp3 tag…

You may be interested in this thread, in particular the linked post, and the following discussion

THX, but it does not help…

I thought it helps to confirm that having lots of unidentified albums is apparently known and expected to kill server performance. And if you read on, users reported that moving high numbers of unidentified albums out of Roon did in fact restore performance.

Given my recent fight with getting a great deal of my new classical stuff identified this could be a big problem for a lot of users that really needs a solution or we have been sold a lemon. To admit to this revelation only in the last month when Roon is nearly 10 years old and for me after 6 years of Roon user-ship is also a bit of a rub.

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Yeah, I’m not debating this (at least not here when there is already a thread for it). I just posted a link that I thought may be of interest to Matthias and related to what he wrote. (And I never said that it would help as such).


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