Impressed With Roon!

A friend of mine has Roon and loves it. I installed it today to try it and just have to say WOW!

I have an older Signature Sonore Music Server with Deux power supply. It has been upgraded with an 80GB SSD
card for op system. It is a 64 bit machine so I was able to upgrade from Vortexbox 2.2 to 64 bit Vortexbox 2.4. I removed the 3TB drive and installed a 6TB WD Red drive for music. I have flac, AIFF and DSD files.

My DAC is a DIY Twisted Pear Buffalo III with discrete balanced output. I use a Sonore USB to I2S card which I still consider SOTA. My DAC can handle native DSD.

Setup was easy following directions I found here and at the Vortexbox site.

High marks to Roon!


Welcome to the forum. Roon’s a great product and it keeps getting better with more features being added periodically.

Enjoy the music…


I’m not just CEO of Small Green Computer. I also created VortexBox! I’m glad to see people are still getting mileage out of it after all these years.

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