Impressive... Even through a VPN, roon is snappy!

@hammer sorry I can’t help. I no longer works for me. :pensive:

With the amount of effort to address real issues for 1.3, I’m guessing that unsupported issues like this are down below noise level for a time to come.

Other than browsing ones collection what do you use this for?

Listening to music remotely.

Ok sorry I thought I saw something about using an iPad…which has no playback option. But that was someone else and I didn’t put @hammer

I too would like a vpn running but I think the roon guys are unlikely to chime right now is more my point…

I have 1000/600mbps D/U so I’m all set if I can get it to work too…but as yet also not managed to :worried:

Anyone have it working with OpenVPN TUN? Or is bridging via TAP going to be required?