Improve backup-management?

I have a request;
Please, please create the backup as a zipped/compressed file instead of a gazillion files… :frowning:
It takes forever to manage the backups when the need arises to move them between computers or backup locations.

I usually backup to my NAS which also runs Roon (natively) but at this particular time i am switching drives in it and its a frustrating experience to move/create a new BU to a network share.

Any more takers on this?


I just realized just how massive Roon backups are when creating an (off-site) backup of my backup. It’s not just the size in bytes, but the enormous number of files! That really makes network backups super slow.

It would be nice to have the option of packaged backups, even at the expense of using up more space. Uploading one large file to an off-site location is still faster than having to check tens of thousands of files for updates!

This is still a crucial missing feature in Roon 1.6. It would be better for all kind of backup locations, not only off-site locations. So, can you please implement it in Roon 1.6.1?

Is it also possible to add Nextcloud as a backup location, not only Dropbox. The reason is that you can setup your own Nextcloud on a NAS in the home or off-site, but you can’t do that with Dropbox.

Managing your own data vs paying a company to do that for you and not knowing where your data is…
I prefer the own managed solution.


This pops up every now and then when the times come to make some bigger changes within a Roon ecosystem. Right now im backing up one of my Cores and it’s taking a massive amount of time… It also trigger Windows Defender which interferes with the backup and make this take even longer.

Once again, please, please make backups zipped (and a few files) rather than the enormous amount of small files the backup contains.

And no, it’s not a slow USB stick im backing up to, it’s a portable SSD and the database itself is on an m.2 NVMe hard drive.

Each backup will then be massive in its own right, and not just snapshot incremental changes. I agree backups could perhaps be improved (integrity/validaiton?), but I’m not sure a .zip file is the solution.

You can add/remove files within a zip container. Or you can zip the changes and put everything back together when restore. Or you can have some choices for the backup (backup only the settings and meta and not the images for example). Or any other solution that many other backup software use. Or so on. There are plenty of technical solutions to chose from, the willingness to implement them… that’s another story (see when this post was created). Anyway, regardless, moving around one huge file is by far way much better than moving millions of small files.

Thanks for clarifying that… ok, so zip away!!
Shouldn’t this be a feature request so people can vote on it?

Been a request for over 4 years. Add your vote

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:dizzy_face: 4 years! Probably not a priority then :face_with_thermometer:

Yep, too many people just add new Feature Requests instead of searching existing ones and adding their +1. Most anything you can think of has probably been requested by now, unless, it concerns a brand new feature.