Improve genres filter

Many of my albums have more tags for the genre. I think it would be useful when you choose to play a genre, to fine tune your selection.
For example, I have several albums with the tag “Rock Blues”. Some of them also have the “Instrumental” tag and others have the “Hard Rock” tag
It would be useful, whenyou choose the genre “Rock Blues”, exclude those with the tag “Instrumental” and let those with “Hard Rock”, or exclude both and play only the ones with the “Blues Rock” tags.

Is this an absurd request?

Should be possible with Focus - have you tried that?

Yes, I tried but the result is not what I’m looking for.
Focus works on genres considering them at the same level. If I select “Blues Rock” and “Hard Rock”, roon selects all the albums in the library that contain the “Blues Rock” tag or the “Hard Rock” tag or those that have both of them.

The filter I would like to have worked differently: First of all I select the main genre that would be “Blues Rock”. Roon finds 30 albums. Of these 30 albums, I only want to play those who have the “Hard Rock” tag (the search must only be done in the 30 albums I had previously filtered with “Blues Rock.” The Focus feature would also suggest all the other library albums that have the “Hard Rock” tag without having the tag “blues rock”)

I hope I was clear (also google translate :smiley: )


Say I want all my Jazz, but none of my Post-Bop, which is a sub-genre of Jazz.

So, first I click Jazz, and then I click Post-Bop. Then, I just click on Post-Bop a second time, meaning “Exclude Post-Bop” – I get this, which I think is what you want:


Hopefully that helps, but let us know if not!

EDIT: I re-read and I think you’re looking for this actually.

Yes, my request is very similar to the request made in that post. In addition to “and” I would also like the “not” to be able to use in the same search