Improve Roon Radio

It would be great to play a radio that is based on all the tracks from a playlist with all my favorite music, not just one track or album. This will allow to listen to a radio that is much more enjoyable and has a more varied music from different genres instead of a radio that is based on one track or album from one genre only.

It would also make it much easier and faster to play new music in Roon based on all my favorite music with one click of a button, instead of having to browse ROON and spend time choosing what to play next. Just open a playlist and click on a button to play a radio based on all the songs in that playlist.

Ideally I would just want to have one button to click on to play a radio based on all the tracks from my favorite music playlist, click on it when I start to work and have that radio playing all day without having to spend time switching between different radios based on different tracks or browsing Roon to decide each time what artist or album to play next.

Also, a radio that is based on all the tracks from a playlist that are from different genres (classical, rock, jazz, etc.) will have tracks from different genres and will be more varied and sound much better than a monotone radio that is based on one genre or track and is more fatiguing. It will make the experience of listening to Roon so much better.

Also, it would be great to have an option to play a mix of the new songs from the radio and tracks from my playlist that the radio is playing from. And to be able to select a percentage for the mix, like play a radio that is a mix of 80% radio tracks (new music) and 20% tracks from my playlist (my favorite music).

I know this is a feature request, but …

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend adding a few good internet radio stations to roon … I think that ticks a few of your boxes (music as fast as possible, never-ending stream, more variety than radio based off single song), even if it doesn’t get to the based off my existing set of music and with variability controls.

While it’s not the same thing as what you’ve requested, you may find it’ll get you 80% of the way there …

@Joseph_Balabanovsky +1 to all of this.

Roon Radio Best in Class? Not Yet. YouTube Music ups their game!

Roon is Best in Class in many categories. With my Lifetime Subscription, I would like to see more categories of leadership. Roon Radio is one. It’s how I primarily use Roon.

The YouTube Music’s custom Radio, recently announced, looks great! This basically adds filters to your Station. You can select up to 30 Musicians to create your own station! AND you can name and save these stations. AND, you can dial-in how often you want to hear a Musician (of the up to 30 root artists you specified). AND you can filter for type of music (example: Downbeat, Chill, Deep Cuts, others). AND you can toggle to only hear the Musicians in your root or allow similar Musicians. AND you can change your preferences for each of your Custom Radio Stations.

Wow. Just wow. This is light-years ahead of Roon. Yes, please. I hope these type improvements are ready for prompt Roon release. The Roon user community has been asking for this and more on Radio for years.

Each streaming service has some elements of premier Radio Station functionality. Pandora and LiveOne allow saving of custom radio stations. They also allow many Roon artists per station with lots of customizing features: early / late, more Favorites / less Favorites, Hits / Discovery.

Some streaming services allow Radio Stations to be created (and saved) from Playlists.

I hope Roon has a plan to bring this area to Best in Class. Afterall, asking customers to pay for Roon beyond their existing Music Streaming service requires some large carrots. Thank-you.


Fully support this - iow Roon to add more functionality/options to tweak what Radio shall play including personalized Stations for different use cases.
First thing is to aligne with defacto standards when it comes to giving feedback th.i usage of thumbs is out of sync with other streaming services