Improve Tags - Album names and Tag hierarchy

I have two wishes for the Tags view

  1. Make it possible to see the full title of each album when viewing the content of a tag; either by displaying more text for each album or by showing the full title when hovering over an album. As it is now the title is cut short and typically it is not possible to distinguish albums that are part of a collection. E.g., I have a tag called “The History of Classical Music” and each album has title “The History of Classical Music in 24 hours - XX …” where XX is 01, 02, etc. In the Tag view they all have name “The History of Classical”.

  2. Make it possible to have a hierarchy of tags without every level also being a separate tag. E.g., I would like to have a tag for Bach, which “subtags” being “Bach333”, “Bach Complete Hanssler Edition” etc, without the subtags appearing as separate tags in the overview of all Tags.

Would be great if this could be fixed!

Elling Jacobsen

You can have sub tags

For example I have a tag for Bach Organ works , I have the Naxos Rubsam set which are discreet albums so I made a Tag Bach Organ Rubsam then included that tag into the main Organ Works Tag

When you click it’s like opening the sub tag

Its a bit funny when you select View All it splits it to Albums in the Sub Tag

Great, but will not every subtag also show up in the overview of all tags? This is a problem since the main tag window will be very crowded…

I see , yes it does I agree . I have been asking for Box Set handling to be a feature which would get around this to an extent BUT …

Tags re not really an alternative to Box Sets , imagine the Brendel 114 Set etc