Improve the share function

Share is awful. I wish it wasn’t. It could be a very cool and useful feature.

Everytime I discover another cool album I have to close Roon, open Tidal, search for it, copy the link and then share to my friends. Why not a “copy Tidal album url” button? Or maybe that already exists and I cannot find it?

Also: it would be nice to be able to share a vertical image straight to Instagram stories.

And the current share feature generates a potato quality img. Why not something a bit better?


+1 for this feature

And I see customers have been asking for this for years now. I don’t like to go to Spotify to share the song. I would imagine it is also in Roon’s interest to have sharing up to standard. A simple link with image would suffice. This .png sharing is so 2002

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Why can’t it look as good as this?

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  • 1 for this. Of course we won’t have it limited to Tidal only.
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