Improvement: Browsing backward and forward using mouse buttons

I’m a very new Roon user may suggest something that already have been discussed in the past.

I’ve notised that Roon is a rather mouse intensive app when used, like I am, on an iMac. When I’m using Safari to surf the Internet I’ve assigned two buttons on my Logitech mouse for the commands “backward” and “forward” to be able to quickly move from one page to another.

In Roon I have to move the mouse to the upper left corner all the time to back to the previous or next page. I haven’t been able to find any setting of the Logitech setup to make my mouse buttons to work.

Using Windows 10 with a Logitech MX3 mouse (with no special setup for Roon) the page back / forward buttons on the side of my mouse do control Roon.

The up/down and left/right scroll wheels also work with Roon.

I have the same/similar mouse (MX Master 3 for MacOS). On MacOS 11.2.3 the ‘forward’ & ‘back’ mapping on the two side buttons don’t seem to do anything. If I map these two buttons to ‘next’ & ‘previous’ they work fine, advancing a track or backing up a track. I find the lack of back navigation very annoying. What am I missing? Cheers,

I was thinking about the navigation within the application. For example, if I’m at the Home screen and select to look at all albums or artists. When I would like to go back to the home screen I would like to use the button on my mouse instead of clicking at the upper left corner.

I tried the solution you suggested and unfortunately it didn’t work either.
Looking forward to an improvement in this area in the future.

I believe you and I are on the same page. Forward and Back are not the same mouse actions as Next and Previous. My mouse is programmable in that I can assign actions to buttons and have it customized per application. Roon’s default assignments appear to be Forward and Back but the buttons do nothing from a general UI navigation perspective. If I map the two buttons to Next and Previous, then I can get Roon to advance or repeat for currently playing tracks. So the buttons work within Roon for some things but not others. In our case the other is what’s expected.

Hi @Cotignac,
This is what I do and it works in my setup (listed above) I’ve not had to program the mouse (forward/back buttons) it just work in Roon on Window’s PC.

What OS is your Roon setup running on? I could see that @Stuart_McFarlane is using a Mac, I wonder if it’s a problem on Macs … or if other users on Windows also have it and I’m just “lucky” it works.

I’m also using a Mac with the latest version of MacOS and Roon.

Hi I’m running Roon on a Nucleus+ with 1.8 (build 783). Cheers, S.

This issue has reemerged. It used to work, but with macOS Sonoma the forward and backward mouse buttons don’t seem to do anything. Please advise.