Improvement to Tidal syncing [Resolved]

There’s a delay between the release of new albums on Tidal and when they appear in Roon searches.

This means that most of my searching for Tidal albums is done in Tidal itself. I favourite albums in Tidal apps then have to go back to Roon and manually sync them via the…

menu>setting>services>tidal edit>sync library now

procedure which is frankly a PIA.

Given that Tidal seems to be a hugely important part of the Roon world, it’s odd that the syncing is buried so deep.

Of course I am aware too that it auto syncs from time to time, but it’s nice to be able to listen to stuff within Roon as soon as I bookmark it in Tidal.

Please consider making the sync with tidal button far more prominent, like next to the ubiquitous seach and bookmark buttons on the top RHS of the screen. Or as a dedicated option in the pull down menu perhaps?

Thanks for considering

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Roon is only a day or two behind Tidal in regards to content available directly through Roon.
You need to be patient :grinning:

There’s no way around it at the moment (sadly). You generally have to wait up to ~40 hours. Sometimes they show up in Roon quicker, sometimes longer.

One question for @brian

Is the ‘refresh’ button in the top left directly linked to services>tidal edit>sync library now ?

If not, can it be?

Er…no. :slight_smile:


By golly that works!! Just tested it out. It does sync the account :slight_smile:

How did I fail to spot that when I was preparing my rant and looking at the process this morning, lol!

Thanks Sean.

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Because you weren’t being patient :roll_eyes:


Haha, you got me good there! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is.

Cheers. Reason I asked is I’ve seen Support ask people (having issues) to do it the ‘long way’. It’s no biggie but I wondered why, if the refresh button does the same.