Improving Focus Functionality - Add AlbumArtist

I would like to see AlbumArtist added as a criteria in Focus while in the Album and Tracks view. This would help greatly when I want to create a view of all the albums or tracks by a given group of Artists. Say for example, I want to shuffle all my favorite (heart) tracks or albums by Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pixies, and Pearl Jam. I can’t do that currently. I could create a static Playlist like that, but I want to create a bookmark that would update dynamically based on my Focus criteria.

Right now in Album view, you can only select by Performer, but that doesn’t work if I want to Focus on all Eric Clapton solo albums, for example. Selecting him as a Performer would include the multitude of albums that he might have played on, e.g. The Beatles White Album, Cream, Blind Faith, etc… I just want his solo albums.

And in Tracks view, its even worse, because you can Focus on a Performer, but you can’t select multiple performers. Ideally, I would like Focus in Tracks view to work the same way as in Album view (being able to select multiple entries, such as Nirvana, or Pearl Jam, or Pixies), and include AlbumArtist as a criteria.