In awe of the Lumin X1

In terms of audio standards, the Lumin X1 is getting long in the tooth. I’ve mused every now and then what Lumin might do for its successor. For sure, there would be a new processor, perhaps the latest ESS9038 chip, maybe a refined SMPS vs. separate power supply, and finally there might be integrated room correction.

Having said that, I’m enormously happy with the current iteration. In my setup, the X1 sounds truly spectacular. I’m using the fiber connection and Leedh Processing, two fantastic innovations that still punch way above their weight. Support from @wklie is outstanding and Lumin firmware updates ensure flawless operation and occasional new features.

In my opinion, the X1 is an audio classic that will stand the test of time. It will be really difficult for Lumin to improve on its sound, IMHO, though I’m sure the company will find new ways to update its feature set.

In sum, the X1 is a fabulously engineered, beautifully designed piece of audio kit with unparalleled support. Count me truly satisfied!


As another X1 owner I totally agree with your summary. I was using a T2 for only about three months which I’d bought new when the pre-owned X1 came up for sale. The decision to move to the X1 was a no brainer for me and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the X1 every day since and I average at least ten hours a day listening. I’ve pondered the same questions as you, in how could Lumin improve on the X1 and I’ve reached the same conclusions. It’s a hard act to beat even for Lumin



That cartoon is not only clever, it’s also true!