In Roon 1.8 - Can't find Focus graphs anymore

Core Machine

Roon ROCK 1.8 running on an Intel NUC
OS : Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Server : Version 1.8 (build 795) stable

NUC hardware : NUC8i5BEK2
NUC storage : Samsung 960 EVO NVME SSD 250Go

File database : Truenas SMB share on Dell T140 server with full SSD storage.

Network Details

Roon ROCK on 1Gbps network
Full network based Ubiquiti Unifi USW-Pro-48-POE

Audio Devices

Mainly NAD M17v2 through network
Also, mix of Airplay & Sonos devices

Library Size

13 300 Tracks

Description of Issue

I love the new interface of Roon 1.8. But, in the past (V1.7), I loved to generate some stat graphs inside the Focus bar. For ex, I had a view of the evolution of Dynamic Range accross years inside my files.
Now, I can’t find where this function moved (or has it been removed ?)

Thanks !

The “Years” graph, with movable range settings, is still available in 1.8. Click on “View More” in the Release Date Focus criterion to see it.

The Genres graphic has been removed from Focus in 1.8 and replaced by a hierarchical list. However, the new Recent Listening panel on the Home page also contains listening statistics.

OK, thanks. I found that. But, there is no specific Dynamic Range sorting inside focus ? Right ?

Don’t believe so, but you can always raise a Feature Request in the Feature Request category of the forum if you wish to.

OK, thanks, it’s also no more possible to make an ascending sorting of albums based on Dynamic Range. Not sure if lots of people will push the request.