In which classical music auditorium did you find the sound to be the best?

As far as I am concerned, I was quite amazed by the quality (sonic finesse, precision, width of space, bass hold) at the new auditorium of the Münchner Philharmoniker in Munich, which replaces the auditorium of the Gasteig: Isar Philharmonie (Acoustic engineer: Yasuhisa Toyota, Nagata company)

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As for the lack of response, I guess no one listens to real music (and therefore the real sound of the insruments) in places designed for it. And here everyone is giving advice on how best to listen to their set-up… I’m smiling.
Are you all rock music lovers with ultra bass?

Speaking personally, I have not visited enough variety of halls enough times to really understand the hall sound versus the performance, my seat, and my own emotional state at the time. I mean, generally, the Concertgebouw sounded amazing, but how did it compare to Severance Hall decades earlier ? Not sure I can compare accurately, or that my memeory is that good.

I will say that I find Wigmore Hall in London to be a great place to enjoy chamber music, and I have attended enough performances there to be comfortable in that recomemndation. It is superior to any chamber venue in my home town of Vancouver.

I will say that my personal perspective is greatly influenced whether I am acting as a listener or performer. As a performer I am concerned much more with ability to hear colleagues in other sections and to adjust to the entire group in real time. One of the unfortunate truths is what sounds accurate on stage doesn’t always translate into being effective for the audience. Mahler from the back row of the orchestra sounds like nothing else, in my view. (Yes, I have sat in halls with seating behind the orchestra, but not the same.)

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Or just couldn’t be bothered to respond to a silly/pretentious thread, speaking for myself.

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Not a music auditorium but I adore the sound at one of the great German theaters, Volksbühne Berlin. However, when I am there it’s for listening to Swans or Glenn Branca :slight_smile:

How many people have the access to a large number of auditoria ?

How can you compare to “your favourite” when not having experienced it. The answer most people will give is “my local one or two” The Albert Hall :sunglasses:, The Linde Auditorium :sunglasses:

In the same vein how many people have the “audio” memory to compare and contrast various performances of probably different orchestras, ensembles etc across time enough to even comment ?

I tend to agree with @ged_hickman1

Sill/pretentious ! Woaooo!
As much as giving advice on listening and referencing sounds without knowing what you’re talking about?

Yes, I understand that positioning can influence the feeling. But I was noting the possibility of hearing live instruments, without distortion due to recording and reproduction. And to have a reference ear on the instruments themselves.

I went to the Universal Amphitheater (it was still open air venue) in the 70’s I think it was to see Santana. Man it was definitely classic. The distortion was really cool :sunglasses: Feedback too!

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I’ve never given advice on listening as I think that is rather idiotic. I’ve listed what I’m listening to, which is very different.

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After several days of deliberation - and careful consideration of the specific acoustical characteristics of the venues I’ve had the opportunity to attend - I’ve concluded that the best sound is found in whatever the heck place I am listening to whatever the heck I’m listening to.

Here’s a story you didn’t ask for.

We took a trip to Norway in 2018 - my family including my two teenagers at the time. We were walking around in Bergen one afternoon and heard music playing. I said, “That sounds live” and my family said “No…it’s just someone playing something loud.” It was the song “Issues” by Julia Michaels. I made them come with me to check it out. We walked into what turned out to be the Bergenhus Fortress - it was empty but there was a band playing on the stage (clearly practicing) and a singer singing “Issues”. There was some security and we were a ways away. I was sure it was actually Julia Michaels so I looked it up online and, sure enough, she was opening that night at that venue for Kygo who, of course, my kids love.

Fifteen confusing minutes later and I’d managed to purchase Kygo tickets for that night using the Norwegian version of TicketMaster.

It was outdoors, packed, everyone standing. For the first part of the show, it poured rain. Everyone had ponchos on. We had them on, too. Then, the rain stopped and somehow all of the Norwegians knew instinctively that it wasn’t coming back so they took their ponchos off and threw them on the ground. We did the same. We live in Seattle, which is where my kids were raised - we know what it is to understand weather.

The rest of that show was glorious. Could barely make out the music. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my kids have as much fun as they did at that show.

I’m glad you have your version of a good time. I have mine. :slight_smile: