Inaccessiable songs in playlist

I have a few songs in my playlist either from Tidal or my local library that work fine once I add them but when I open the list again, they turn to gray and are not available anymore. Here is an example:

This is very annoying. I don’t understand why this happens. I need to know how to resolve it.

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Comments? Anyone?

From Tidal it will be because Tidal have changed the licensing and the exact version the playlist is no longer available.
If you could show an example of a local track doing this, it would be interesting.

Thanks. This is probably happening only with Tidal. I also noticed some of the empty icons are actually working. This is both Tidal and local library. Is there a way to refresh it without need to delete and re-import the track?

If it’s gone then no, it’s a manual process.

Need to enter a feature request. It’s much needed if this can happen. Simple refresh to the list of even specific songs.

Lots of feature requests, it’s apparently not as easy as it seems.