Inappropriate cross-referencing data

Two different concert performances of Mozart’s Symphony #35 (recording dates: 1929 and 1938) are in my Roon collection.

Roon has mistakenly assigned the name of another composer (Charles Loeffler) to the 1929 version of Symphony #35, but unfortunately I cannot delete Loeffler’s name. Interestingly, the 1938 concert of Mozart’s Symphony #35 also includes a work by Loeffler.

I use Roon v1.5 and Innous v1.4.0 on my Macbook Pro (Mohave OS software).

Larry Landow

This happens to me a lot. Roon will make unwanted composer assignments under quite a lot of circumstances. For example. orchestrators, arrangers, transcribers, cadenza improvisers all get composer credits. The problem is that the actual contribution is often not clear so it is more confusing than anything.

Composer / Soloists like Loeffler often get an unwanted composer credit as well, probably because roon guesses wrong what they are doing on the disc. I often have to manually remove unwanted credits like this. Can you not do this from the three dots menu besides the track?

Another question along these lines: I just burned and uploaded into my Innuos Zenith server 2 non-commercial CDs containing approximately two dozen tracks. The titles appear in the Zenith software but Roon does not recognize any of them.

Any suggestions?

Larry Landow

Do you have some screenshots? What you got in in Innuos and what you got in roon?

There should be 2 files, a screenshot of Innuos and another of Roon.

If a password is asked for, use “larry”

Interesting. That looks like the the 1946 Toscanini, Traviata.

Innuos works differently than roon. First it is a ripper, which roon isn’t. I also believe it uses OneMusicAPI to aggregate a lot of on-line lookups when it rips.

Using that aggregator, up to a point it seems to have been more successful than roon. Personally I would do a lot of manual editing on top of that so I don’t know how much time it actually saves, but it’s a start.

You did not mention what rips you are using for roon. I assume you are using the Innuos files? If disc 1 is 21 tracks and disc 2 is 19 tracks then it might be worth adding a few tags like album name, artist, composer etc. Then you should be able to get a manual match in roon against this:

Make sure you use the 2nd match. You said it was a non-commercial disk. If it is a vinyl rip I wouldn’t worry too much if the track running times do not match as that will often be the case.