Incompatible Android

Does anyone know what the issue is with Google Play Store saying this app is not compatible with my device. According to Play Store I need at least Android version 4.4 which I have on all my devices. I know I can side load the app from the link given previously but it would be much easier to install from Play Store so I get automatic updates.

What device are you using? By chance does it have an intel processor?

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At present the Android app on works on devices with ARM processors, not Intel ones.
There is a plan to make the app compatible with Intel devices. I don’t know if it is weeks or months away.

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I see. I have a Samsung Note 3 which uses a Snapdragon and a Nexus 5 which uses an ARM. The Nexus 5 does not show up as supported.

Both should be fine on the processor side as the nexus 5 uses a snapdragon 800 or 801, i forget. the incompatible issues is due to both devices being phones and the Roon app flag is set for tablets.

For the note 3 with the stylus you could sideload and might find it tolerable to operate the roon app but i don’t see it being feasible on the nexus.

Yes, I have the app sideloaded on both a Note 3 and a Note 4.

x86 devices are supported in the Android app in Build 94 which has just gone live. The app will be available after approval.

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And I can confirm that it is available in the App Store and works on my Intel based tablet for the first time. Looks great, too.