Incomplete Tracks

Noticing that some of my albums have incomplete tracks with up to half of it as silence. Sometimes it’s in the middle or the end.

Any way to have Roon examine my library for that issue?

The same file is broken using VLC so it is a file issue, but I’d like to know about the rest of the library. Searching for two or so seconds of silence would be great.

If they’re flac files I popped a script in the Linux subforum some time ago that’ll iteratively test all files in your music folders and write a list of failed files to a text file.

Equally though, Roon should show corrupted files in the corrupt file listing.

Not sure if they’re showing as corrupt. They do play, but have large gaps of silence. In Roon report, I see a number of corrupted JPG files and some FLAC. But there are more than shown when I play a couple of different artists.

Some are ALAC. No difference.