Inconsistent Touch Activation/UI Bugs on Android Roon Remote App For Hearting/Banning Tracks

Android 13
Pixel 7
Roon Version 2.0 (build 1202) for Room Remote Android App

My goal is to easily heart/ban songs in albums in my library. I tried using the Android Roon Remote app and it is cumbersome to get to the the option to heart or ban a specific song. The biggest issue is that the are where you can click the heart button to heart/ban a song in an album is so small that the app doesn’t recognize your touch on that area. I’m getting somewhere between 30 to 40% hit rate on the button. There is nowhere in the settings to make the display bigger. Sometimes when you click on the heart button the whole UI Box on this app actually shifts up or down by a major amount and so if you wanted to double click to go from non-rated to ban, you would miss the action. So…

  1. Either the heart button has to be bigger or the whole UI box needs to be bigger.
  2. The box moving is probably a bug that needs to be fixed at some point.

I can handle 2 and have it never fixed but it is super annoying that 1 is an issue.

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