Inconsistent treatment of compositions within one album

Another strange phenomenon: The “Missae, Requiem” box of the Complete Mozart Edition has complete metadata on Allmusic:

In Roon, up to Disc 4 everything is displayed as it should:

But from Disc 5 on, all tracks are displayed one by one – no composition, no conductor etc.:

You can’t blame the Rovi metadata. It’s all there. Any explanation?

Hi @Rainer_Muller,

Which album has Roon identified this as? Please would you post a screenshot of the top half of the album detail screen (above the portion that you’ve just posted)? Also, have you done any manual editing?

Hi Joel,

here’s a screenshot of the full Roon window.

No, I didn’t do any manual edits. Also, I tried to Re-Identify the album in the Edit section but nothing changed.

Thanks Rainer. I’m not sure why this is happening, but it’s given me a clue. I’ll make sure a ticket is logged for investigation of this.

Thanks a lot, Joel

That’s done. Internal ticket #14896.