Incorrect composer


I have an issue with the composer mentioned for the following album:

“Rameau: Pièces de clavecin en concerts” by Blandine Rannou.

Note that this album is not referenced, neither in Allmusic nor MusicBrainz.

All the required file tags are (meticulously) completed (with mp3tag), and notably:

  • COMPOSER: Jean-Philippe Rameau
  • ALBUMARTIST: Blandine Rannou

As you can see in the screenshot above, the mentioned composer is “Marc Minkowski”, which is not only wrong (the composer is Jean-Philippe Rameau), but which doesn’t appear in any of the file tags.
So, where does this information come from? The album is “Unidentified”, so it cannot come from the Allmusic or MusicBrainz database (I suppose).
And why doesn’t Roon include the composer actually mentioned in the COMPOSER tag?
Is it possible for me to correct the composer information displayed by Roon (I know how to delete or add artists, but not composers)?

Thank you for your help.

Quite why Roon has identified the performance but not the album is for someone else, but if you wish to fix it by editing, then the KB on editing is worth perusing.

In short, you need to select all tracks (if more than one performance) then choose the edit box which appears top right which gives the track editor for all the tracks. Choose edit tracks, then add credits, and add artist and role (composer)

Hi Brian,
Done, thanks a lot!

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