Incorrect DAC recognised

I have my core installed on a Mac Studio to which I have a Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100. However Roon recognises the DAC as a Cambridge Audio 815N. Should I be concerned about this?

Clearly sound is playing OK, but am I possibly impacting sound quality?

What does the Mac, not Roon, recognize as the DAC, the DACMagic or the 815N?

The Mac recognises the device correctly. But if I go to Roon settings under Audio and look at the settings for the DAC output by clicking Device Setup it shows incorrectly as an Cambridge Audio 851N.

Roon doesn’t correctly identify my iFi DSD Pro but uses another iFi device.

I wish that on those occasions Roon would let one manually setup the device, but it doesn’t offer that choice if it thinks it has identified the device.

Still, no harm, that I can hear, is done.


Agree with @xxx, should not be any issues on sound, only on display name. Are your configuration options under Audio for the DACMagic the correct options for the device?

Good to hear. They appear to be right as far as I can tell.

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Maybe it’s the same module in the 851N and it’s confused Roon.


I was thinking the same thing.

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Hey @Keith_Bage and @xxx

Only devices that are Roon Ready or Roon Tested are capable of being identified by Roon. Neither the DACmagic100 nor the iFi DSD Pro is certified, because of that they won’t be recognized by Roon.

In some cases choosing a device from the drop-down list can result in some features of the device becoming inoperable. Generally, we don’t recommend misidentifying devices in Roon. If you haven’t detected any downside to doing so you’re free to give it a shot. :+1:t2:

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What does Roon do when it can’t identify a device, but can identify another device from the same manufacturer?

It’s been awhile since I connected my DAC, but (as I remember) Roon incorrectly used a Device Setup from another iFi DAC. I kept that setup because it worked. I don’t remember picking from any drop down.

Exactly this is what the op is about Roon chose the device as 851N he didn’t choose it. So Roons behaviour here is suspect.

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Thank you for confirming my memory. I originally made the same complaint (the post of which I now can’'t find) and got the same brush off as in the latest Roon reply.

Jamie the op didnt choose it, Roon did. So something off with your device recognition here it looks like.

Aha, found it. This is what I mean by getting the same brush off.

This was true at the time I made the original post. Not sure if it’s still the case, which why I ask @jamie that question.