Incorrect identifications in Discover

The box set “Goodby, Babylon” contains tracks recorded between 1902 and 1960. In Discover it was suggested as “2000’s Black Gospel”. While there is black gospel included in the set it sure isn’t from the 2000s.

I have a lot of old blues, work songs, and American folk, much of it on compilations since there were so many artists that only have one or two surviving tracks, and I see a lot of misrepresentations in Discover. I mean, if you wanted me to report every one I see you’d have to put me on salary, that’s how many.

The discover feature is great, don’t get me wrong. I love the insights and connections (I want to see that ramped up!) but there are enough misidentifications that either roon needs to be way more on top of it themselves or there should be an easier way for us to let you know of issues. Coming here and going through this process is tedious enough as it is for one album.

Or maybe there is an easier way? A lot of roon’s features are hidden so new users have to find their way around and “help” just dumps you here where you have to search around, seemingly forever sometimes, to try to find a conversation that matches what you’re seeing. Not terribly efficient.

@support Anyone have any information on how to easily submit metadata problems?

@support Anyone have any information on how to easily submit/fix metadata problems?

Hey @Thomas_Sola – sorry for the slow response here. Can you show us a screenshot of the album page for this album? I just want to make sure you’re seeing the same info as I am in our database.

To answer your more general questions about metadata, this is an area we’re always improving in and one of the key features of how our system is built is that the metadata in your collection updates automatically, so as mistakes are fixed by our metadata providers, they should show up in your collection automatically.

We are also working on improving our ability to rapidly deploy corrections, as well as allowing users to directly submit corrections. All of this will take time to be fully implemented so I would ask for your patience. I can assure you this is one area we will be continually improving, so please keep the corrections and suggestions coming @Thomas_Sola. Thanks!

Hi, @mike . Sorry for the late reply. I got an answer over DM so I’m all set. Thanks for following up.

Just to close the loop for anyone else reading, it looks like it’s reading from the release dates, which I can understand, when the recording dates would make more sense. Could be a 6 to 1, half-dozen to the other type of situation. Personally, for collections of old recordings the recording date is more important to me but I could see, particularly where a newer release may be a remaster or something, the release date could be more important.

Anyhow, you folks know best what will work for you and your users so I look forward to seeing what you come up with. And no worry on the timing. 1st world problems, right?


Here’s the screenshot just in case but I think this question is resolved for me for now unless you see something crazy.

Hi @Thomas_Sola. I think @mike meant a page like this:

FYI, Mike is currently on vacation, but I’m sure that @eric or I can help.