Incorrect live stream info for KPCC-FM in Live Radio directory

It looks like Live Radio has the incorrect live stream address for KPCC-FM because I always get an “Unable to play this station” error message. I contacted the radio station directly, and they gave me this link to use for KPCC’s live stream:

Any chance you can update the Live Radio directory with the correct live stream info?

Many thanks.

The stream address as entered in your post did not work, however its redirected address worked.
I added it, try it out and let us know if it works for you. It is a lower bit rate than the one that was published.

Also, so you know the stream that was there works for me with no errors so far.

Not sure what you did, but now both streams work for me. I have been getting the error message for at least a couple of weeks, but only for this station.

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All I did was add the new stream and correct the frequency (89.3 vs 89.9, which has nothing to do do with the streams working). It could possibly be internet/network related? Glad it is working for you.

FYI, here is the latest info I got from the radio station:

We also have an AAC stream.

They might prefer that link.

Not sure if this offers a better bit rate?

I added the new one, Not sure if it is any “better” but it works. The bitrate is variable so keeps changing and the checker can’t lock on to identify the right one so i just entered an estimate over time watching the change.

Hello, I missed this thread earlier…

The m3u8 stream is a chunked HE-AAC stream at a nominal 64k.

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