Incorrect Metadata: Wrong Opus Number

Album: Souvenirs of Spain & Italy
Artists: Sharon Isbin & Pacifica String Quartet
Label: Cedille Records
Cat#: CDR90000190
Tracks: 9, 10, 11

The last work on this album, tracks 9 - 11, are identified with an incorrect Opus number by Roon. The Opus number should be 448 NOT 445. The incorrect Opus number causes Roon to “think” the work is a different piece, i.e., a different Quitar Quintet. I checked at AllMusic but they don’t even have Cedille Records on their list of labels.

Allmusic may not have Cedille in their list but they do have the album in question:

And, you will note, allmusic identifies the Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D Major as G. 445.

How quick we are to blame roon for things not their fault.

Why do you think that I was “blaming” Roon for anything? Roon does not create any metadata, it only uses the information that is provided from their sources. [Moderated]

Hi @Robert_Daines,

I have reached out to our metadata provider and requested they make a change here. I’ll keep you updated once we hear from them.

Thanks for the report!

Hi @Robert_Daines,

Our metadata provider has let us know that they have corrected this. Please give this about a week or two to be reflected within Roon. Once you see the change on your end please mark this post as the solution.

Thanks again for your report!

Thank you @dylan! I will keep an eye out for the change.

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