Incorrect track names on music from Qobuz/TIDAL

Hi, I am new here so I hope this is in the right place.

I have both Qobuz and TIDAL connected to Roon and I am getting a number of track names that are incorrect. However, when I check the Qobuz/TIDAL native app, all the information is perfect.

What could be causing this if the source of the music has all the correct details?

If anyone could help me on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hey, Welcome to the forum!
Do you have an example please? Just to clarify, these are songs that are not from your own files? So incorrect metadata is displayed when they are streaming from the service? Thanks!

Thank you.

Yes, at the moment all of my music is on TIDAL. None are my own files.

Sorry, I should have given you an example in my original post. An example would be the album ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift (please don’t judge :rofl: ). In the TIDAL app all the album and track information displays correctly. However, in Roon the album artist is listed as ‘8 Bit Universe’ not Taylor Swift and each track on the ‘1989’ album has ‘8 Bit Version’ add to the end e.g. ‘Style (8 Bit Version)’. Roon does play the correct music file, just doesn’t show the right information.

Hope we can get this issue sorted. Thanks.

:rofl: ha ha ha, no worries! A lot of people on this forum like her music so you are not alone there

Now I realize I should have mentioned I only have Qobuz. I don’t get the “8-Bit Universe” covers of her albums. But I have seen this issue come up a couple times before. Even though the data is correct in Tidal, Roon sometimes will match it up with the wrong data when you put that album in your library because Roon does its own identification and doesn’t always just take the data from Tidal
When you are viewing the tracks of that 8 bit version, is there a “Versions” option next to “Credits” at the top of the trackless? If so, try going there and selecting a different version of the album and see if it shows up correctly. You can also click on the triple-dot icon (next to the big play now button) and then select “edit…”. In the new window you will see a button that says “Identify album”. Click that and select the correct album if it comes up. If nothing comes up, then you can edit the song titles manually. Let me know if any of this helps

@_AJ This metadata was incorrect a while ago, but got corrected. I would suggest doing an automatic re-identification (Album → Edit → Re-identify Album) and see if that works.

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Hi @AnimalOnDrums & @joel I will be sure to try what you have suggested when I get the chance later on today. Thanks.

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Thank you for your replies. Using the method that you suggested I have been able to correct the tracks that had incorrect information.

Again, thank you.

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