Incorrect work titles on Qobuz album: 177001734

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This seems a little bizarre, as all tracks are correctly grouped into the six works of Handel’s opus 3 concerti, but the work titles are wrong… they all show the HWV 315 concerto as work title…

These tracks appear ungrouped in the Qobuz app.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 7.58.45 AM

@Andreas_Philipp1 I can find no reason in the Cloud metadata to suggest grouping of the metadata on our servers (and certainly not with the incorrect work titles), so this points to something client-related; as does the HWV313 and HWV 313 inconsistency in the part names of tracks 6 and 7, which comes directly from the Qobuz track titles.

As you probably know, performance grouping is performed on local library content and also, I believe (I need to check), streaming service content when there are no groups on the album coming from the Cloud.

Have you done any merges relating to the Concerti Grossi, even if you think them unimportant?

Perhaps you might try re-identifying (re-identify, not identify) the album to see if that fixes it?

No, I haven’t done any editing or merges. I’ll be away for some days, but will try to re-identify when back at home. Thank you.

This is easily reproducible so I cannot see why it would be related to any particular users editing or mergers.

I get exactly the same bizzare composition grouping as the OP with this Qobuz album. Infact I have seen very similar examples with other Handel albums with HWV numbers and also Bach albums with BWV numbers and Teleman with TWV numbers where there is a similar compositional hierarchy.

If there is a pattern I would say it is often with those compositions that are sometimes grouped globally as a single composition like the 6 Concerti here (and separated with sections) or alternatively they are also treated as 6 individual compositions. There are no real rules and it is down to user and programmatic preferences. My own preference is always to treat these cases as individual compositions as that works much better with shuffles, playlists and radio which for me is the point of something like roon. Another famous example is Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons.

In this case, I can get it to group correctly (even a Qobuz version) by laboriously editing all the titles to conform with allmusic work/part conventions. When this is done, roon can parse the 6 Concerti which says to me that roon doesn’t have the rule set to parse the composition structure of the 6 concerti it is being presented by Qobuz.

@joel, I am back at home and tried to re-identify the album, to no effect. The movements stay correctly grouped, with the wrong titles.

One album where the grouping and the titles are exemplary correct is the version of the Handel op.3 concerti grossi by Combattimento Consort Amsterdam on Challenge Classics. This album is from Tidal and it is not available from Qobuz:

Thanks for the update @Andreas_Philipp1.

@joel, this is another example of an album with the same problem described in this thread… if you look up the album from both Tidal or Qobuz, the tracks are ungrouped, but with correct titles. As soon as you save the album into the library, Roon shows the tracks grouped according to the different compositions, but messing up the composition titles… very annoying! I still don’t understand what’s really going on under the hood, but it has nothing to do with my local library, mergers or edits…

Thanks for the extra example. I was able to reproduce the first one in my library. I’ve created a ticket to get this fixed.

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