Increase number of votes [resolved: not going to happen]

With so many ‘Feature Requests’ in existence, increase a user’s allowed votes to a more reasonable number.

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Roon has said they pay no attention to repeated “me toos”. I assume this would apply to how many votes. It seems they consider ideas but not by popularity, for better or worse.

Realistically, if you think Roon is missing more than 9 features you probably should be using something else? Limited vote numbers at least forces you to consider your priorities. You can unvote feature requests if your priorities change and place that vote elsewhere.


Then what is the point of voting at all?

Shirley, you jest? And the allowable vote count, at least for me, was five.

I hadn’t even noticed the voting on feature requests.

TBH I cannot say that I am a fan really. I used to think that Roon had quite a clear vision of their product and tended to add things based on expected demand and fit with the vision. I hope this isnt a sign of them loosing their way.

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Entertainment? To see how others see things?

Although Danny just posted this three days ago:

Post your suggestions for features here!

We will periodically mark features with brackets [ ] in the title explaining if it is done or not on the roadmap.

This category has voting enabled. This means that at the top of a thread there is now a Vote button. Tapping this adds one of your limited votes to the topic. Tapping again will give you the option to remove your vote.

You can check on your active votes via your profile page under activity.

Whilst voting is a quick and easy way to register support, it is nevertheless better still if use cases can be given.

So don’t know what their current thinking is.

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From recent updates and missing basics it’s quite obvious there’s only one vision and that’s to be the front end for those streaming services that are willing to integrate. Functionality they’re blindfolded and throwing featherless darts at a moving dartboard.

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To avoid all the +1 posts.

Personally from what I have seen it appears to be rather pointless to make any feature request.

If it fits the Roon plan fine, if not it is likely to just be ignored with absolutely zero reasoning or explanation given.

So we may as well just sit and wait to see whatever gets rolled out in 1.9

Aha. So, no point, at least for those who vote.

I’m not sure what makes you jump to that conclusion.

The +1’s are completely ignored because they are in the middle of threads and there are no tally of them at all. Not only are they noise that clutter the conversations and cause havoc with “bumping” posts to the top, they are actually completely useless because they can’t be counted.

The vote plugin for discourse solves that problem so that interest can be counted. While that doesn’t guarantee that the features most voted for by people on this forum are going to be implemented, we will see those vote counts, unlike the current +1s.

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The terseness of your original answer and other posters’ opinions.

Sorry i have no fight in this dog but if they are useless and ignored and cause havoc why do you keep them there? its your software, no?

You are bitching and complaining about something you have complete control over. Think about how that makes roon look. Really embarrassing.

How does one turn off “+1” posts ? If I had a way, I would.

I’m not the one bitching and complaining. I’m doing something about it (by trying to encourage behavior other than making “+1” posts) and when asked the purpose, I explained why this plugin was enabled.

Did you hear me complain?

Also, to see me explain this in the past (without bitching and complaining):

Whilst voting is a quick and easy way to register support, it is nevertheless better still if use cases can be given.

I wrote another explanation a while ago on the point of feature requests and +1s (this was 3 years ago):

Again, no bitching and complaining – just a straight answer on exactly what we do with these feature request posts and how to get our attention.

Anyway, to answer the OP:

There is value in having a limited number of votes, as one is forced to prioritize. We will not be increasing this number. You will have to choose wisely if your desire to vote exceeds your votes.

We are very serious about hearing use cases and feature requests.

We are not serious about using feature requests to dictate what work or what priority to do it in. Using a ticketing system would imply work will be done, where as feature requests are just that: requests.

Maybe we should rename the section to be a softer term? Like “Feature suggestions” ?

That might actually be a lot better terminology.

Gets my vote…….:sunglasses:

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Unfortunately, it some cases it might be better to shift it to a “feature demand” thread.

But really, any desired feature, I’m sure, is looked at. But Roon first has to decide if the feature can be done without causing problems or clashing with Roon’s overall vision. Although a given feature might be a good fit for someone like Audirvana does not necessarily mean it can be a good fit for Roon. It’s okay to make requests/suggestions, but don’t think Roon SHOULD work it into a future update. I’m sure Roon has a checklist that requests need to meet to be considered, then it probably then gets discussed at one of their meetings. I’d love to get a detailed rundown of all that process entails, but I doubt Danny wants to share it with us, and that’s okay. I bought a lifetime subscription based on what it did (and didn’t do) at that time. Any added benefits I get via updates is just another feather in my cap. I love Roon, I love Danny and all the staff, and hope they prosper until after I’m no longer around.

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Done! I just renamed it.


At the end of the day it is Roons baby and we can only make suggestions.

Yes we are all paying customers but we bought into it as is.

Anything else above and beyond is a bonus.

For features that is.

As paying customers we of course expect the functionality to be present and correct but that’s another story for many other threads.

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