Indicator tracks

I see a disc indicator with a number when I view the tracks of an album. With 2 or more I can see other versions in my library. But I also have sometimes an indication of 1. What does this mean?

Hi Tom, it normally means that we have some enhanced metadata for that composition/work/song that is worth browsing to, even though you only have one copy in your library. Normally, if there is no enhanced metadata, there would be no point letting you go to a screen if there is nothing to do there!

If you find that that’s not the case, please would you report back?

Thanks for your answer. You are right (of course); in the rare cases when their is an indication of “1” the additional info is mostly “composed by” with an indication of period. I could not find any description in the manual of this phenomenon.
An example was A hard days night were the title track has this indication. On the next screen displays “Composed by Paul McCartney/John Lennon” (I wasn’t surprised) and under that Composed 1964 Period Modern.
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