Indie genre new releases not updated since October

Here’s an odd one for @support. The Indie genre has not been updated with any new releases since 11th October. The other genres seem fine.

If anything, it looks like new Indie releases are being lumped into the Rock genre releases, e.g. Tindersticks; Mount Eerie; Beck; Cate le Bon; Foals.

This also got me thinking as to what is it Roon does to curate the genres list, since there’s no analog within the Tidal web app that I can see. I assume it’s done by some sorting of the tags that passed to Roon by Tidal?

@joel can you help here?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @anon55914447. It does look like TIDAL has merged the Rock and Indie lists and deprecated the standalone Indie one. If you go into the Rock list in the Roon app, that now corresponds to Rock/Indie. We may need an app update to fix this, but we’re investigating.

Oh boo, that’s a shame. The Indie list was the first thing I went to on new releases day :frowning: