Infinity Router

I have been having an issue with using Roon. Infinity kept sending me messages that their security blocked links being seen from Roon to my Rock. I bet I received about 30 per week.
Then the problem got worse when the audio kept breaking up. I used by BluOS app from Bluesound and had no problem with the audio.
I went to the Infinity (Comcast) office and they had me change from their newest model router (8) to the older router (7). That took care of the problem. Roon’s audio is working great again and I am not receiving all of the messages from their security.

Just a suggestion, if you want the newest technology without the hassle, you might consider getting your own router/gateway instead of renting from Xfinity. I use a Netgear Orbi with their network and it works great. It’s paid for itself by now.

Thanks for the tip

Which model do you have?

I’ve got the Netgear CBR750. It’s an older model but still available and has been solid and reliable for about five years. It’s a gateway meaning it serves as both access to the ISP and a router for your home network. It is on Xfinity’s approved list. Here’s a link to the list: Xfinity Router List