INFO: Qobuz Black Friday subscription gift card promo

Qobuz is offering a 25% discount on a 12 month gift card for the Studio subscription.
Anyone know if existing customers can use this?


yes, i currently bought it for myself two hours ago and they send me an email and the new year got added to my currently monthly subscription. one year QOBUZ for around 10€ instead of 15€ a month isn’t that bad, so i did it.


Does anyone know if the Qobuz 25% off streaming BF coupon is valid for existing users? Thanks!

Here’s what I got direct from Qobuz via Twitter:

Hi Fred, yes you can use it for your renewal but you’ll need to wait until the end of your current plan, and not automatically renew either.

If you have a monthly plan, please cancel the plan and wait until the end of that period to use the code.

The Qobuz Team

Tried it but got

It finally worked somehow - though it was EUR 112,50 when it says on the page linked here USD 98,- :thinking:

I was on monthly billing but needed to cancel my existing plan to add the voucher code. Then the contract showed the unexpired portion of the plan in addition to my new annual discount subscription.

A word of caution…i couldn’t find code entry page from the link provided by Qobuz, after much hair pulling I signed out & back in then the page appeared.