INFO: Roon Store Review Demo Deals on Meze Headphones and Burson DACs

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The Roon Store has a few review units remaining from Meze Audio, and Burson Audio that offer a rare opportunity to put together a complete Head-Fi setup at a nice discount!

These products were used for Roon marketing purposes only. Every device is in like new condition with all accessories, and retail packaging included. Warranty valid from date of purchase.

Act fast, we only have one device available for each model shown.

Meze Audio Liric

The Meze Audio Liric inherits much of its technology from its elder siblings, the Empyrean and Elite. These custom-crafted headphones are a fantastic addition to any listening system. Thanks to their robust, closed-back design, they’re a perfect “do it all” headphone for audiophiles and an ideal companion for Roon ARC.

Meze Audio Liric - $1600 (Originally $2000)

Meze Audio Rai Penta

The Rai Penta is the culmination of years spent driving for an ergonomic shape that can deliver the most vivid sound possible in a Universal IEM. These earbuds are designed to deliver comfort, no matter how long the listening session, creating a truly immersive musical experience. The Penta features 5 custom-tuned drivers, each harmonically aligned to achieve peak sonic performance.

Meze Rai Penta IEM $879.20 (Originally $1,099)

Meze Audio Advar

The Advar is built to impress without compromising, striking a perfect balance between technical capability and listening pleasure and delivering powerful, detailed, and lifelike sound. The care in design brought to these earbuds doesn’t stop at the driver level but also includes the sculpted exterior of the chassis – guaranteeing comfort even after hours of listening.

Meze Advar IEM $559.20 (Originally $699)

Burson Audio DACs
Starting at $479

Burson Audio DACs provide an ideal solution for anyone wanting to modernize their legacy equipment, enjoy CD-quality Bluetooth streaming, or add high-quality headphones listening to their current setup. Choose from our Conductor 3 Reference, Conductor 3X Performance, Conductor 3 Performance, or Playmate 2 demo units for even greater savings on these sonically advanced, value-packed models. Read more about these quality DACs in our Burson Audio DAC Review.

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