Information: NAS for Roon, QNAP HS-453DX

Introducing the new HS-453DX: A stylish multimedia NAS with HDMI 2.0 for 4K UHD applications.

  • 1 x Rj45 10BASE-T
  • 2 x bays for 3.5 “or 2.5” drives (mechanical or SSD SATA)
  • 2x M.2 SSD SATA
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Still not Roon spec for Processor. i3 is recommended minimum spec not Celeron

I’m running Roon on a Synology 716+ - it’s a 4-core Celeron with 8GB memory and an SSD for the roon db. Works like a charm even with 3 concurrent audio streams running. And I can tell it can tolerate much more based on the cpu/io/memory load during streaming :slight_smile:

Have you tried any DSP?

Only basic headroom adjustment. Generally I prefer a “flat” output with no dsp trickery, but I can certainly make some tests with 24-bit/192khz content in combo with DSP adjustments and see how that affects the load… Will report back :smiley:

Tested now with upsampling from cd quality 44.1 khz to 192khz, plus I turned on headroom management and enabled the equalizer. Memory consumption is slightly up - nothing much, and cpu is up from 4-5% to 8-10% - this is with just one stream running. Entire network is cabled.

That seems pretty good. What speed does it say in Roon. You click the blue dot to show signal path and it will give a speed of the processing in there.

I have the 253be (same processor)

Speeds for cd qual flacs with headroom and volume limiter enabled are around 99x

For mqa 192 from tidal with first unfold on the roon core spedss are still 10-13x

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I’m not planning to replace my QuietPC NUC-based fanless Roon server, but I’m wondering about the HS-453DX with SSDs to replace my current 2-bay Synology NAS so that my home office setup is totally quiet. Any first-hand reports of the HS-453DX?

I do hope someone can help me out. Intending to buy the HS-453DX but don’t know what SSDs and M.2 SSDs are recommended? I would like to have 2x 6TB SSDs (for music and movie files) as well M.2 for running Roon database etc.

Maybe those who have experience can provide a suggestion.

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Thank you! When using M.2 SSD will the whole volume be used for Roon or is it possible to just use a certain amount for the database ?

I would love to use SSD caching respectively provide a fast environment.

You decide about the volume (share) Roon Server uses for its files and DB. Set it up according to your needs.

This sounds just silly to me. SSD caching makes sense for large amounts of random reads for a big array of slow HDDs. This is not given here (use case as a Roon and/or media Server in a small NAS). Just a waste of money and/or storage space to use a SSD that way. Also if you want a silent solution, better avoid HDDs at all and use 2.5" SSDs instead - without HDDs there is also no need to setup SSD caching.

Note: I don’t know if QNAP’s SSD caching solution will use whole devices or allows for the use of parts of it. Read the manual to find out or maybe another user who uses QNAP’s SSD caching can comment on this.

Thank you @BlackJack ! Yes I am going completely SSD so the fanless NAS stays completely silent.
Glad to hear I don’t need any additional caching as the SSDs are already fast enough to provide the best Roon experience.
Do you know if it’s better to use as the volume (share) for Roon Server the 2,5" SSD via SATA or a volume via M.2 - or are they performing the same? (sorry about my lack of technical knowledge here)

Both connectors (SATA | M.2) are rated for the same protocols (speeds), so it completely depends on the SSDs you choose. I don’t expect it to make any difference at all regarding how Roon performs on your clients.

Note: I would possibly try to keep media storage on separate devices as other data (System partition, Roon DB, and others).

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I use this NAS for Roon. I even use it as my streamer and it works like a dream.

I’m using any old SSD and/or M.2 SSD. The demands on Roon are so low, even using DSP. I use the SSDs as a cache and then keep my entire library on G-Suite storage using Hybridmount to connect to G-Suite. Highly recommended!

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