Infrastructure Conundrum

So. Originally, I was running RoonServer on a Mac Mini (headless) as my Core. I connect this via USB into a McIntosh MA5200. Works well, very stable however, there’s a definite (to my ears) SQ difference when compared to other software. I control the system wirelessly via my Macbook Pro, or Iphone. The system operates on a wired LAN with only the Macbook/Iphone operating wirelessly as the control mechanism. With the recent developments that Roon have made with end points, (I have an Oppo UDP-203) and in a quest for squeezing whatever I can from the ‘stuff’ I own, I’ve experimented with different infrastructure set ups.
My conundrum is this.
I’ve installed RoonServer on my QNAP 251+ NAS with the database on an SSD attached to the NAS as per the set up guides in the KB. I can get it to play nicely with everything else and still retain stability (something the other software seems to lack - big tick to Roon!)
I’ve set it up so that I can select the Oppo as the End point, which is also connected to the McIntosh (amp) via RCA interconnects, thereby using the DAC in the Oppo. The Oppo is capable of playing DSD and the NAS seems to give me the option to upscale to DSD however, the output seems to be controlled by parameters are set in the OPPO rather than what has been set in the NAS. So, whatever I configure in Settings for the NAS, those settings seem only to be relevant if that was an ‘end point’ rather than the core??? (My terminology might be off here, so apologies if I’m confusing the issue) Likewise, if I use the Mac Mini as the core rather than the NAS. It can upscale and do funky things if it’s outputting to the McIntosh amp, however, the amp cannot output DSD files through it’s own DAC, hence trying to get the OPPO into the equation.
So essentially, I want to use the NAS as my Core, upscale to DSD and output to the Oppo. Or, I use the Mac Mini to do the heavy lifting and upscaling, output to the Oppo - both scenarios have the Oppo connected to the McIntosh amp.
I hope I’ve explained this clearly - any guidance readily accepted.

An unmodified Qnap TS 251+ has a dual core 2,41 GHz Celeron CPU. I believe that chip would struggle to upsample PCM to DSD but would be interested to know how you go.

When upsampling in Roon you would ideally defeat any upsampling in the Oppo. If there is no option to do that then you can experiment with sending it different rates and see which one gives the best results.

You will find the upsampling controls for the Roon Core in the DSP Engine for each Zone.

Thanks for this. Interestingly, having now become completely obsessed with the issue and spent the last 3 hours connecting a variety of corse and players, I stumbled upon a combination of settings whereby I was able to enable sample rate conversions with the QNAP as the core, sending to the Oppo as the player. I’m not quite sure how I didn’t see this previously - anyway, you were correct in your assessment and the system fell over. Or more accurately, played at about 15% of full speed. However, the set up did show me the option to upscale to DSD. I then switched back to the Mac Mini as the core, outputting to the Oppo and if I go into the DSP options, I only get the option to upscale to 192khz which I find confusing. Anyway. Its not as if I can’t use the equipment - I was just intrigued and trying to squeeze a bit more out of what I’ve got - it has to be said though, and I mentioned it in my OP, that the stability of this product is outstanding. Even with all my mucking around and ill informed connections etc etc etc, it’s taken something beyond ‘it’ (i.e. an external peripheral) to make it fall over. Thanks Roon, for a generally solid product.

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