Initials in metadata - Album Titles

Famous albums with long titles: Close to the Edge, Dark Side of the Moon: are often known to fans by initials, such as CTTE or DSOTM. Roon should have some definitions in the database that identify these so it knows, that those initials relate to those albums.

Why, you wanting to search for dsotm?

I write my own titles, and differentiate between versions of the same album. That’s an album I have several different versions of - so to be able to tell them apart at a glance, I label them “DSOTM - whatever unique identifier”; otherwise the titles get too long to even be visible in some views in Roon and other programs.
It’s not so much that I want to search for DSOTM, I think Roon should recognize the initials. They’re used in basically everything you see written about DSOTM.

Roon can already display your custom text that you’ve captured on the album cover - it does this for all my custom tags in [] whilst still utilizing its own metadata unless I ask it to prefer mine. Recognizing dsotm and a few other classic titles for the sake of it without a use case seems rather pointless though.