Inline Threading of Forum Posts/Replies

Is it possible to read threads without jumping around all over?


Post A
—Reply A 01
—Reply A 02
-----Reply A02.1
Post B

The Forum uses the Discourse software and I cant recall seeing an option to that effect. It might not be feasible because users don’t always use the “reply to post” and “reply in thread” buttons consistently.

You can go back to the post someone is replying to which is halfway towards what you are asking.

Mods try to keep threads to one topic in order to avoid the necessity to jump around different discussions, but it is a Sisyphean task. If you see a thread where a discussion should be separated out flag it as off-topic and we’ll try to clean the thread up.


I try to use the quote feature as much as I can. Seeing a reply to a circle with an initial in it with no context is pointless. Clicking on the circled initial takes me to the post, but then I need to find where I was again. Is this the frustration the OP refers to?

Yes, it is. Grouping a post and its replies into a single unit would make it much easier to read.