Innuos 2.0 Roon killer?

Well here it is revealed at last and it looks very promising and they are aiming to support other systems other than their own. Roon should be worried.


Do you work for Innuos ? Why would they be worried


Read it and you will find out.


Hi I tried reading but couldn’t concentrate as my 5 year old just threw his broccoli at me. Lol.

Could you please give the coles notes?


Looks slick but how is a roon killer? Don’t see any of the discovery features and probably won’t be available to other systems for quite a while.


It does more or less what Roon does. They are looking to expand its reach to other protocols and devices. It looks very nice and they have done it without the excessive network access Roon needs. Proof of the pudding will be when its out and if it lives up to it. But it looks promising.

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And if it does not communicate with HQPlayer it remains a non-starter with me.

To me, it looks like they ripped off the Roon GUI. I’m not an attorney, but as a layman, it sure looks like a potential copyright issue.

Its pretty much covering discovery with how they are integrating Qobuz, full discograpys like Roon showing other albums they have contributed on etc. Less links but this is v1. It looks very promising. Got me I interested and I don’t have an innous product.


I’d say it looks a lot better and more like PlexAmp than Roon as it has a lot less wasted space.

Thank you sir

I see that right, I have to buy an overprized Innuos PC to run it?

Yes, I did think to myself it that it looks much better than 1.8

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But I’m talking about suggesting other similar albums and that kind of thing. But I do like the much cleaner look and the way it displays the search results. For the things it does the same as roon, just in looks, I think it’s an improvement.

And not trying to defend roon in any way. I’m currently thinking of jumping ship when Spotify hifi comes out. I gave up hope of roon having a mobile solution.

So you have to by there product to use there app.Looked at there prices and that those prices a small market.

He’s saying there’s talk of this being released outside of their hardware. I guess then would be more like a roon competitor.

I think that’s for endpoints to open up what it will play to. It will only run on their hardware. For those that have Innuos already its a bonus as you could ditch Roon. If your looking for a new solution then it offers a reliable turnkey solution at several price brackets. Given Roons lifetime is +600 and a Zen mini is £899 it’s pretty compelling as with Roon you still need a pc to run it on and a ripper. Make the Nucleus seem so overpriced as you don’t even get Roon with it.

Oh so this isn’t really a roon killer if have to buy their hardware. That’s beauty of roon is can just setup with any cheap computer and grow it as you see fit.

I also believe roon now allows you to pay the annual fee over monthly payments. And you can pick Intel Nuc and RPi pretty cheap if want to expand outside of your current pc or laptop.


"At this stage only LMS based devices will be supported for playback within innuOS 2.0. Support for other streamers/protocols is being designed. "

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Don’t see anything compelling there and what Roon can’t/won’t get right after so many years in the game no 20 odd employee company that does hardware at its core is going to get right.