Innuos owners - how to delete Roon database?

Anyone knows how to delete Roon database from a ZENith? I am preparing to sell mine, and wanted to wipe out my Roon credentials before I sell. Thanks!

Hi @support

Hi @thyname,

I’m not seeing any instructions about deleting Roon on the Innuos website. Generally, you’ll need to be able to access the RoonServer folder on the Core machine from a file browser and remove that folder. Innuos support should be able to assist with accessing the database.


Perhaps this helps?

“Added advanced option to reset the Roon Database”

Thank you Paul, I found this setting earlier today, but not sure it deletes the Roon database entirely. Who knows what their meaning of “reset” is.

I may just reset the ZENITH to factory settings, and it will delete every

That’s probably the safest thing to do.

Saw this thread, and hoped you might have some insights regarding the Zenith feature which will clear the Roon database.

I’ve had the Zenith SE since it first came out - maybe 5 years - and use it as a bridge only to stream to the DAC. I do not use the Zenith as the Core.

So is there even a Roon database on the Zenith to clear? If so, is there potential “maintenance” value in clearing the database - assuming that the database referenced is on the Zenith vs. my iMac which houses the Core? And if so, would the Roon library simply re-create itself on the Zenith?



If you don’t have it as a core and not ever used it as a core have nothing to do as there is no database to remove.

Thanks for the info. I did initially use it as the Core, but decided I liked the sound of the Core on the iMac better. So it may have an old library on it? And if that’s the case there would be no risk of clearing the Roon database via the Zenith? It is completely separate from the database being used by the iMac Core, as I understand you.

Thanks again.


Correct it has nothing to do with your current core at all.