Innuos zen mini

First post. I really feared leaping into Roon and streaming, but it really was easy. Now, trying to digest all the terms like core, etc. I’d rather take a beating in a dark alley from and ugly woman. :woozy_face:

Welcome Dave. Take a look at the Roon Knowledge base. It will give you some basic information on the Roon program.

Thanks. I’ve looked. The terms are not descriptive to an analog dinosaur. I’ve learned enough to do what I want.

You’ll find it’s pretty easy to navigate once you start working within the program. Simplifying some terms, the Core is your Roon Brain, in my case, an imac desktop. Remote is my ipad where I select what music I want to listen to. Endpoint is a Roon capable player…

Thanks! Roon is making my cd collection easy to access.

Stick with it for a week or two. It seems overwhelming at first and then it is second nature. I’m about 3 weeks in and feeling comfortable. Absolutely love it! Great job Roon!

My only complaint concerns what I regard as arcane terms. I loved it from the first song…

Do you remember programming your first VHS Video recorder to record a show :joy:Roon is easier… It will unfold before you…

I know youngsters reading this will have no idea :joy:

Can you give some examples?