New Website + Knowledge Base!

The FAQ and some of the other informational posts on the community site has become unsearchable due to the high volume of traffic here in discussion, so we have created a new (but incomplete) Knowledge Base site that contains copies of the information from this community site to start, and will get improved over time. There are already new pages there that get down and dirty with the details of the development of Roon. Ignore the broken (red) links for now, and as they, and much more, will be added to the Knowledge Base in the next couple of months.

Knowledge Base:

We also have a new website, that hopefully conveys our value proposition much better to new visitors.


All feedback is appreciated!


Looks awesome !!! well done guys
and what have we here??? :grinning:


hahaha… it’s coming, it’s coming!!!


Nice job on this, it’s a good step forward and really necessary to help people understand what they are buying. I have a few suggestions for things that might make it even better, IMHO.

I’d like to see a checklist somewhere on what makes Roon unique… just some bullet points that pick up what you are doing graphically on your home page but are organized for the people who read vs. those who are more visually oriented.

A couple thoughts on language for non-computer-literate folks. When you talk about “local” or “networked” in the Architecture page, you might do a hyperlink box to define what they mean.

I like Core = Brain; and Output = Noise, but how about describing Control as Hands? Something like, “Control gives you hands-on management of your music. Control is the way Roon presents you with all of the music available to you and lets you choose and manage how you listen to it on your Output devices.” Not sure “user interface” language is all that friendly to my Mom.

Hope this is useful.

Great work! 'Tis easy to come up with a complicated explanation of a complex thing. But it’s quite hard to make a complex thing simple to understand, as you have. Well done! :relaxed:

And +1 on commentary by @CometCKO, though I suspect that if someone does not know what a user interface is, they are likely in that set of people that do not have the base computer/networking/audio knowledge necessary to set Roon up anyway. Though that GUI is good enough that they’ll likely be able to use it once setup and configured.

i know what that is! It’s a Windows 10 phone running Roon :sunglasses::imp:

Website looks really good - nice and clean design and the information well laid out.
One thing I would recommend is some form of diagram on the architecture… I picture is worth a thousand words

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Shouldn’t the new website be scrolling sideways? :joy:


Congratulations guys. It’s looking very cool.

Looks and feels nice.

Personally, I think the ‘dark’ theme shows Roon off better…

It might be there and I just didn’t see it, but I’m often frustrated if it’s hard to find a ‘specs’ type list somewhere of what you get with the software and what it can do - file formats, resolutions, hardware that can run on, licensing, updates, any other key features, all in one place.

Was really hoping to scroll down and see that this was released to tie in with the now available RoonBridge :wink:

Hi Danny
A very nice job for the most part

One quick suggestion that comes to mind…as it is something that is done on most Tech sites these days

i.e. if you click on a Picture to magnify it, then it allows you to SCROLL thru the rest of the Pictures by using arrow watermarks, or simply clicking the picture advances to the next one, and they stay in their magnified state

So if you go to the pictures under “See More Examples” on the Home Page…and click on one of the Photos, you would have the option to advance thru ALL of the Pictures in their “magnified” state…without having to click on each Photo in turn

Mirroring other posts above, it would also allow you to show the “Dark Theme” version of the same screen…which will make it obvious to the user that there are display options…and I feel that the Dark Theme gives Roon a more “Bespoke Product” look than perhaps the “Website” look of the Light theme [all IMHO of course]

Having said the above about the Photos, I think Roon is best viewed “in motion” so to speak

So, I think the idea of having the Flash Video front and centre is a VERY good one…I might perhaps add a “Full Screen” button to allow the viewer a magnified version of what’s going on in the video

Would a homepage link to a series of SHORT Youtube videos…showing “Look How Easy It is to Navigate thru Your Library” be useful…a Video plus Text on the screen [even better if someone is speaking, but text is sufficient’

I know the current video does elements of that…but it could show similar library navigation, but coming at it from different angles…e.g. hit / touch ‘M’ to take you to M-Artists…Quick Search…and some of the other things that people struggle with when using iTunes, Sonos Desktop, JRiver etc., etc.

And these Videos wouldn’t be geared at the knowledgebase for Users…but quick 30-second ‘marketing’ videos showing “look how easy it is” type

When it comes to Roon, a picture paints a Thousand words…but I feel a short video will paint a Million words!! :wink:

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A great job, so congratulations - it really highlights what an impressive concept Roon is. I’ve finally managed to get my head round how everything fits together. I actually thought the graphics very clear, so I’m not sure if any more diagrams are needed.

It should help to get more people to sign up as well as give a warm glow to those already committed :smile:

looks great. The website especially is much clearer. When I first looked into Roon, the main site was missing what is surely your greatest selling point, “screenshots”.

Now it really sells the product more effectively

The new pictures/diagrams on ‘how Roon works’ are really very clear.

Is it worth adding a ‘Company’ or ‘About Us’ heading to the home page? I always tend to check this out when evaluating new software, hardware, etc.

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@chrisbyrd – we’ve never been so vain, but we could do it… what information do you look for?

@danny I think a little vanity is justified for you guys. It doesn’t need to be much - a very brief overview of what the company does, when it was founded, where you are based, and names & expertise of key personnel (if you’re happy to share this information).


I agree that there should be an “About us” section on your website. Besides, it looks a little odd that there’s not one when you have a “Partners” section. Rather begs the question of who all these folks are partnering with…

I think that your RAAT page needs a little more than just two short sentences. And SDK is a TLA that may not be immediately obvious to music-lovers…

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