Innuos Zenith MkIII as streamer/endpoint

I have a Zenith MKiII coming in a couple of days. All the reviews and the Innuous website always say “Roon Ready”. So I’m suprised to see the tagged post that says Innuos is not Roon supported. Should Roon ask Innuos to quit false advertising?

While I had toyed with putting my core on the Innuos, seeing all the trouble I’ll keep my current Rock.

But I’m hoping that as an Endpoint, I can expect top level performance. I bought this as an upgrade to my current Allo USBridge Signature streamer and will be disapointed if it does not play well with Roon.


I use a Zenith for both Roon core and streaming connecting it to the DAC/DDC through USB. Working perfect.

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Same here. No problems. As Roon core and Sense app

I use it in Experimental Squeeze mode as it sounds better with no problems at all, although the Sense App has the edge being a little more organic , however love Roon for its recommendations and extra features.

Thanks guys. I’ll get it tomorrow and report back. --Jerry

Well, I have it. It is hooked up. It sees my DAC (but not with my Cardas USB cord, only with a generic one). It plays music on it’s disc.

I turned Roon on. Selected “player only”. My core isn’t seeing it as an option.

Update: got it working. I was trying to enable it from the DSP controls. I forgot I had to go into the main settings and enable it. I’m using it without squeezebox for now.

I’m using it with a $5.99 printer cable. I bought a cardas cable for use with this streamer since the one I had for my old streamer isn’t long enough to reach where this (bigger) streamer sits. With the cardas cable it sees the DAC but identifies it as the wrong model and won’t activate it. So I may be loosing some definition in the cable. But it sounds great.