Inputs/Outputs on the SonicTransporter i5

Hi @agillis,

I’d like to ditch my current Mac mini and get a decent fanless roon server. All that literally begs for a SonicTransporter, I guess. But some questions remain:

  1. It’s hard to find some images of the SonicTransporter’s rear panel… The only one I could find is within this article by audiostream, which leads me to…

  2. There are USB ports but only on the front facing side, correct? So, if I want to connect a USB drive filled with music I have to connect it to the front? I’d prefer hooking it up to the rear, to be honest. Actually, I’d like to have nothing but a power switch on the front… Maybe just cosmetic, though.

  3. Do I need a microRendu (or similar) if the ST is placed near my DAC or could I use one of the USB outputs? Any differences there?

Hope you can shed a light on this, thanks!

  1. There are pictures of the back on our site
  1. Yes only front facing USB.

  2. You could connect the sonicTransporter to your DAC but the sound would not be that good. The sonicTrsansporter is a server not a player. Use the microRendu and you will get amazing sound out of your DAC.

Thanks for the insight! Somehow I’ve overlooked the pic of the rear panel, sorry.